Growing and Maintaining Takes Consistent Effort!

When I speak to small business owners about their social media strategies, the majority of them do not have a strategy.

They may have set up their social media pages, but only have friends and family following them, and are not using them to their full potential. Why? Because they do not have the time, they do not have the knowledge, or sometimes the inclination to use social media to grow their business.

And why would they? Their business isn’t in social media, or even marketing. They are mechanics, plumbers, beauty technicians, hairdressers…

However, they know they should be using social media in some way, but growing and maintaining their pages requires consistent effort.

Your social media business pages gives you a voice – to all those millions of users – so you can connect with all those people who are relevant to your business. Think of them as a community – those people in a community you’re trying to reach.

Don’t know how to do this, or just don’t have the time? That’s where The Media Helper can help you – to help your business to grow.

“I don’t have the time!”

This is something I hear from many companies when it comes to social media. It is especially true of traditional businesses, where they see social media as a new phenomenon, and don’t necessarily see its benefits. For those who do see its benefits, they don’t have the time or inclination to embrace it and learn how to use it effectively.

However, there’s no denying that social media platforms are fundamentally changing how companies interact with customers, and reach potential new business. There is a need to fully-embrace social media management and marketing, to ensure business growth and bottom-line impact.

But if your core business is not in marketing, and you don’t have anybody whose specific role it is to keep up-to-date with the latest social media marketing methods and tools (and let’s face it, they change practically daily!), then chances are, you’re losing out!

Let me be the person to support your business – I can give your social media pages the time they need to raise your business profile, increase your customer numbers, and make an impact on your bottom-line.


Making Facebook ‘good’ again

As a business, you may be concerned about Facebook’s new year announcement that it will be decreasing the amount of ads and business content from people’s newsfeeds.

The reason behind this is to bring Facebook back to its roots – being a place for meaningful interactions with family and friends.

Facebook have undertaken research in people’s behaviours on the social media channel, and how it makes them feel. If you are passively scrolling through posts, it has a negative effect on your mood, but if you’re actively interacting with friends – messaging and commenting on each other’s posts, then it can have a positive effect.

With this in mind, Facebook are working to ensure the platform is more about social interaction and less about spending time. “We want the time people spend on Facebook to encourage meaningful social interactions”, says CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently.

So what does this mean for businesses, who have already seen a massive decline in the amount of people seeing their posts on their newsfeed? Gone are the days when you post what you like, when you like and all your followers will see it!!

My thoughts are that you’re not to worry. Facebook still wants businesses on Facebook – they need you! It just means that you must have a social strategy in place which ensures the content you are posting is of quality and interesting to your readers, so that they are interacting with you, and that you also have a plan in place for targeted paid-for promotions.

Get in touch for a chat – I can help you with this!


Consumer habits

Listening in to a webinar last week about the latest social media trends, there were some very interesting facts that came out of it…

  • 60% of consumers will look at your Facebook page before visiting your business or your website.
  • 80% of customers are more inclined to buy from a business who has a credible and authentic Facebook page.
  • 62% of consumers say that Facebook is the most important social media channel to research a business.

So before you dismiss your social media presence as just a ‘nice to do’, think about how your customer is already rating you, before you even know about them!